MOlly sterling,

office manager


Molly joined the Shaker Heights team as the office manager in 2021. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University and brings more than five years of client service experience from both the veterinary and human healthcare fields. 

Molly has always been passionate about animals. Her first job out of college was working at a nature center where she facilitated nature experiences for guests of all ages. Molly’s passion for native wildlife evolved into a strong interest in the animals that we adopt into our families and homes, and she wanted to use her skills and experience to help people strengthen their connection to their pets while providing them with healthy and happy lives. Her role at SHAH allows her to fulfill that by supporting the doctors and team members on the front lines as they provide high-quality care to our clients and patients. 

Molly’s dedication to SHAH is strengthened by her pride in the quality of medicine and by her alignment with the hospital’s goals for the future. She appreciates SHAH’s values of teamwork and low-stress handling and is thrilled to be leading the team at such an exciting time of growth and modernization. 

At home, Molly has a dog named Murphy and a cat named Fern. A fun fact about her is that she loves snakes and once had a pet snake named Jack Skellington, who is now in the excellent care of a nature preschool in Cincinnati. When she’s not at the hospital, you might find her exercising, riding her bike, hiking in nature, or reading on her front porch with Murph. Family is everything to her and she looks forward to serving the SHAH family!

Laura Abbott,


Fear Free Certified Professional.


Laura joined the SHAH family in 2018. She has been in and out of the veterinary field for over 15 years. She loves all animals and has three cats. She is also the mother to a wonderful son and enjoys spending her free time with her family, reading and watching movies.





Charlotte loves to welcome our clients by jumping up on the reception desk to say “hello”. She also likes to help our receptionists by lying across the computer keyboard or draping herself around their shoulders and supervising their work.


In loving memory of Josie (January 2022).

Josie loves to “talk,” and if you’re not paying attention to her she will let you know – especially when she wants her morning treats! She also doubles as a paper weight and a pen re-locator for our veterinarians and office manager.

Mama Cat

In loving memory of Mama Cat (October 2018). 

Mama may not look like she’s paying attention, but nothing gets past her. When clients arrive with their cats she is always available for a thorough carrier inspection to see what’s inside. She keeps everyone in check here at the hospital.